Broadway Cycle GHP is Rockin!

Placing 4th overall in bike shop teams at both Minnesota State series races and bike shop series at the Midwest National, Broadway Cycle GHP is rocking! They placed 5th overall this past Sunday at the Midwest National. Way to go you guys! Keep up all the hard work!


Here is Rockford’s main event winners!

Cole Issacs, 7-8 mix open
Saturday Midwest National
13 novice Jaeger Evans
19-27 inter Nick Rogers
Sunday Midwest National
12 novice Ashton Antil
16 cruiser Jack McGowan

Then and Now

Greg has seen many young kids grow up into pro BMX riders and watched them conquer the BMX world. But this story is one of maybe a few that really take us back to the “then and now”. Doug DeBruhl met Greg as a young boy and his life in BMX was changed forever. Here is his account….

My name is Doug DeBruhl. I started racing BMX when I was 8 years old back in 1979 at Waller Park in Santa Maria. It wasn’t until 1982, I got to race my first National in Lancaster, CA. There is where I stood in line to get my picture taken with BMX Hero, Greg Hill. It was so cool to see him in person and not just magazines!



I introduced my son, Devin, to BMX in 2008, at the age of 6 years old, at our local track in Santa Maria. I couldn’t just sit back and watch. I had to ride. Now, at the age of 42, I can’t believe that I am still racing and that my son and I are sponsored by Greg! I am proud to ride for GHP and call Greg my friend. We love being a part of the GHP Family. Ride on and ride GHP!

Thank you Doug for your continuous support and friendship!